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Monday 22 April 2024
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Geology and Paleontology exhibition

Assisi (PG) -  Environmental Education Activities in Monte Subasio Park

The educational activities in Monte Subasio Park are carried out by the Association G.U.M.P. (Gruppo Umbro Mineralogico e Paleontologico) and by the National Forest Service.

Together with G.U.M.P. it is possible to carry out guided visits to the Permanent Exhibit annexed to the Geopaleontology Ecological Lab of the Park Offices.

G.U.M.P. Environmental Education Activities

Geopaleontology Ecological Lab - Gruppo Umbro Mineralogico Paleontologico (G.U.M.P.)
Mt. Subasio is the mountain of Assisi and is an isolated mountain with respect to Valle Umbra. The current shape of Mt. Subasio is the result of the interaction between endogenic and exogenous phenomena and consists of carbonate sedimentary rocks of marine origin. The endogenic phenomena have deformed the strata which formed with the deposit of the sediments on an ancient seabed between the Mesozoic Era (210 million years ago) and the Upper Miocene (about 10 million years ago). The exogenous phenomena have shaped the surface of the mountain creating the current morphology which some people wrongly take for the morphology of a volcano. Several fossils have been found on Mt. Subasio: they are on display in the Geopaleontology Ecological Lab situated in the Park Offices of Monte Subasio Park.

It is possible to carry out tours in the Park territory to visit the geological, naturalistic, landscape, and historical features of Subasio Park.
- For info on the itineraries, please call the number +39 339.7743826.

In order to reach Mt. Subasio from Assisi, the school group should ask for the escort of Assisi Town Hall Police, specifying the itinerary. The means of transport must not be longer than 9 meters to allow maneuvers.
If you reach it from Spello, you should contact Spello Town Hall Police. From Spello you may not need the escort, but the limitations for the length of the means of transport must be respected (max 9 meters).
- For visits to the Geopaleontology Ecological Lab, for lessons in the classroom or tours, contact the person in charge of the educational services by calling the number 339/7743826.
- The visit to the Geopaleontology Ecological Lab must be notified via fax to Subasio Park (Fax 075/8197395). Notify it only after talking to the person in charge of the service, in order to avoid overlapping visits.
- The means of transport used to visit the Lab must not be higher than 3.5 meters (for Porta Perlici passage in Assisi).
- To reach the Park Offices you don't have to pay the entrance ticket to Assisi.
- The entrance to the permanent exhibit and the educational tours to Mt. Subasio are free.
For further info, please call the number +39 339.7743826.

Mobile: 339.7743826
Email: federico.famianigmail.com
Website: http://www.gumpassisi.it

[Source: Umbria OnLine]


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