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Wednesday 27 May 2020
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Where to Park in the historic center of Assisi

Assisi (PG) - Mojano Multi level Parking in the historic centre.

The Mojano Assisi Parking is spread over three levels plus a level for services and the shopping mall.

The rectangular design of the parking covers a gross area of 3000 sqm., with each level offering roughly 100 parking places for a total capacity of 299 places.

Umbria Online

The fishbone arrangement of the parking places runs along central corridors for access and exit, each of which has a girth of 6 metres.

The basement LEVEL ONE holds 95 parked cars, while LEVEL TWO has a capacity of 102 places and the THIRD LEVEL ENTRANCE and EXIT POINT can hold a total of 102 parked cars.

On LEVEL FOUR – SHOPPING MALL you will find:

- automatic and manned cash tills,
- the parking control room,

- public lavatories,

- staff lavatories,

- a client information area,

- a shopping mall covering an area of 235 sqm., with the bar il MOJANO Cafè for pizza and the MOJANO Shopping Gallery with a range of typical local produce, souvenirs, tourist guides and other goods, etc.

For further information please visit our website Mojano Assisi Parking


[Source: Umbria OnLine]


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